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the fire had destroyed at least one home near loveland. in boulder residents were allowed to return to their burned out neighborhoods for the first time. there are reports that a blaze may have been start bud a resident's fire pit meaning criminal charges could be filed. >>> another monster storm is gaining strength in the atlantic. hurricane igor is a category 5 with winds hitting 150 miles an hour. igor is far from land and expected to be near bermuda by saturday morning. behind igor is tropical storm julia which could become a hurricane this week. >>> and now for this morning's weather from and the country. another dreary day here in new york with light scattered showers stretching as star north as vermont. hail from nebraska and kansas. showers from dallas and houston. rain south of denver and albuquerque. >> 80s in baltimore, 64 in boston. 77 in detroit. 85 in omaha and 73 in the twin cities. 90s in new orleans and dallas. phoenix will climb to 103. colorado springs, 93. 87 in boise and 70 in seattle. >>> when we come back, sold, the highest price ever paid for a home. you won'
homes. another fast-moving wildfire broke out over the weekend in loveland, colorado and i'm reading up on this and they are saying more than 600-acres beened in loveland forcing authorities to pool their resources from boulder to help out. really straining the sources out that way. >> they get in to dry spells an hot weather like we have had but they don't have -- they get more -- they have more forest to burn. >> that's right. >> speaking of us, we really need tore rain. >> even though we had two- thirds of an inch yesterday we are in the hole still. northwest of town it is worse than here? loudoun county. >> hagerstown, winchester, parts of fredericksburg and that way down to williamsburg. >> we need to do a rain dance. >> off camera. the big problem is to get drivers and school buses going. southwest of town visibles down in culpeper, orange, lake hanna area a quarter mile. in hagerstown to martinsburg a quarter mile. gets better at winchester at four miles. montgomery, faithersburg, they are dropping now and we have an hour and three quarters before the gun is up. look at the day a
. one home has been destroyed. the latest wildfire is in loveland, colorado, 50 miles from denver. it comes on the heels of one of the most deructive while fire in the state's history, boulder. investigators say that may have been started by a pit fire. a reporter with kusa in loveland, colorado. what's the latest there? >> reporter: h good morning. latest is we're hearing from the command center within the hour just to get a good idea wof wh plan of attack is today. we do know that some good news, cold temperatures moved in, at least cooler temperatures moved in. that caused the fire to lay down. the bad news is, you can probably see it behind me, we have quite the inversion going on. it is soth smoky. there is just a heavy curtain of sme here. we thought wd be coming out to the boulder fire today. not at all, we're here in loveland. more than 600 acres have burns up, 400 people evacuated. they were evacuated overnooight. roughly 100 firefighters out at the fire today. as i said, within the hour we're going to get word from them, hear what the plan of attack is today. there's ni
are hoping better ather is going to give them an edge on a fast-moving wildfire near loveland, colorado. the fire grew from 40 to 700 acres in hours. it destroyed two homes, at least 100 threatened. so far no injuries to report. 40 miles to the south another wild fire near contained and people are going back home. that fire as you may recall, wan in boulder, and it destroyed 166 homes. >>> just outside san francisco, people are returnioedng t their bombed out landscape that had been a neighborhood. a natural gas explosion sweeping wild fire killed at least four people, destroyed more tn three dozen homes and now we're learning that there were serious safety concerns before that blast. cnn'ted rolens has the story. >> reporter: this incredible home video was captured moments after the explosion from a house balcony behind the blown gas pipe. the voice you hear belongs to walter mccaffrey, o he had one hand on his camera, the other on his phone telling his wife not to come home with their three children. this is the view from that deck now, walter and his wife were allowed back sundayus
in loveland. it burned more than 700 acres of dry brush and trees and prompted several evacuations. some families were allowed to check on their homes. they believe the fire was started over the weekend by two people burning leaves and tree branches at a home. >>> 4:51 is the time. here's tom. >> good morning. >> good morning. we have parched conditions here. we need some rain. there's a smal chance of maybe some rain after sunset thursday night. between now and then, another dry day under wa good morning. as we start off this wednesday morning, temperatures in the mid-60s in washington. low 60s near the bay. eastern shore, northern maryland, around t tiwater, only near 60 to upper 50s prince george's county, upper 50s, as well as arlington county. fairfax and montgomery counties in the mid-50s. blue ridge, shenandoah and much of the western maryland, west virginia, many locations in the 40s this morning. eastern shore away from the waters in the fist. over the last 12 hours, we've had high pressure moving in again. it's right over us. going to give us another dry day with plenty of suns
, 35 miles east in loveland, fires prompted evacuations. at least two buildings have been destroyed. so far no reported injuries. fire crews are uncertain as to how this second fire started. >>> the atlantic is once again brewing. there are now two named storms building strength in the open ocean. hurricane igor is a category 4 with winds up to 150 miles per hour. it could reach category 5 status later this week. following closely behind is tropical storm julia. julia was upgraded this weekend. it is unclear whether either storm will be a threat to land. >>> our time just about 4:51. taking a look outside, 60 degrees. let's see what kind of day we're going to have to start the workweek. >> so far so good, tom. >> it's thick, especially near the blue ridge, panhandle of west virginia. visibility there under a quarter mile. no fog around. skies partly cloudy. 63 in washington. arlington, fairfax and montgomery county. most areas don't have much fog. there is fog in the mountains, too, where it's down into the cool mornings. right now on the eastern shore temperatures are just into the low
are battling the blaze in loveland that broke out this morning. some buildings are threatened by the flames. semi-regulations have been ordered. -- some evacuation have been ordered. thousands of cancer survivors build central park to race for the cure. within 25,000 people turned out for the breast cancer 5-k race. 1600 cancer survivors took part in the race. they're raising money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. >> the instaweather forecast with john collins. >> there was a lot of drizzle and rain today. the clouds have cleared west of baltimore or are in the process of clearing. some sun is trying to break through. around the bay and the by-25 order, the clowns are there. -- around the bay and the interstate-95 corridor, the clouds are still there. it does not pick up well on the radar. the droplets are too small. the trend is here. we will see it clearing tonight. the ground is moist enough that we will have some fog later on tonight as the air meets with the morris ground. it will be
managed to contain 30% of the fire in loveland. >>> and now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. wet weather in the pacific northwest. while the rest of the west coast, mild and seasonable. storms in the great plains and upper midwest. mild, dry and pleasant on the east coast. windy in denver. and hot in the south and southwest. >> it will be 105 in phoenix. 90s from dallas to new orleans. cool and 54 in fargo. 66 in minneapolis. mostly 70s along the east coast. >>> and when we come back this morning, an american's first morning of freedom in more than a year. now, there's some new concern for her friends, still being held in iran. >>> and how would you like to spend a six-hour flight in one of these very tight seats? the new economy class, coming up. >>> the price of gold hit an all-time high tuesday. gold rose to nearly $1,275 an ounce. and is now up 16% this year. a big reason is that gold is traditionally a safe haven for investors during times of economic uncertainty. >>> turning, now, to your stocks. tokyo's nikkei average jumped 2.3%, after japan took actions t
are battling a second fast-moving blaze. a new wildfire located in northern colorado in the loveland area, about 35 miles away from the last blaze near boulder. the fire has destroyed at least one home and threatens others. about 600 acres have burned so far. meanwhile, firefighters are still trying to control the fire near boulder which destroyed 166 homes. >>> two named storms churn in the atlantic this morning and one of them is a monster, hurricane igor, is a dangerous category 4 storm sustained winds up to 150 miles per hour and getting stronger. igor is about a thousand miles east of the leeward islands, behind it is tropical storm julia, which has 40-mile-per-hour sustained winds, the tenth named storm of the hurricane season. >>> congress gets back to work today the final legislative session of the year. topping the agenda, the fate of tax cuts approved by the bush administration. sara, good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. republicans want to extend the tax breaks to everyone. democrats say the country cannot afford it but a little give-and-take could move things along.
-moving and threatening, again, dozens of homes. officials say the fire has destroyed at least one home in the loveland area. >>> police in kansas are still trying to figure out why a man stole a city bus and led them on a high-speed chase throughout the city. they say 46-year-old steven donnell tried to steal the concrete struck that wouldn't start so he stole a city bus. the police dash cam caught it on tape. the bus hit three cars, no one was injured. finally, the driver pulled over after a fire started. police say that the tire went flat and sparked the flames. >>> we have an out of control car slamming into a house here in georgia. police say the driver suspected of drunk driving was speeding down a hill, hit an embankment, went airborne and smashed into the home creating a huge hole. fortunately nobody was in the house, nobody was hurt, the driver received minor injuries. >>> school back in session and parents now have a new worry. >> joce sterman will be here to tell you some of the new tactics that scammers are using to get your kids to dip into your wallet. >> oprah's new season starts today.
fire. the latest blaze near loveland, 35 miles north of last week's fire in boulder. the loveland fire began yesterday and quickly grew. at least one home was destroyed and hundreds evacuated. the boulder fire destroyed 166 homes, that fire is still not fully contained but many are allowed to return home now. >>> the muslim cleric leading the effort to build an islamic center near ground zero is speaking out today. imam feisal abdul rauf says there is growing islam phobia and he says moving the center is a bad idea. jim axelrod is in lower manhattan this morning with more on that story. jim, good morning. >> reporter: a recent poll shows roughly 50% of new yorkers are not content to see the proposed islamic cultural center pushed back further from ground zero. they don't want it downtown at all. meanwhile, the man behind the project is speaking extensively about it this morning. >> is there really a need for an islamic community center in lower manhattan? is it worth all this firestorm? the answer, ladies and gentlemen, is a categorical yes. >> reporter: speaking at the council on fore
in northern colorado, this time in loveland. >> i hope they stopped. my house is on the top of the hill and all the neighbors on the bottom are losing their homes. >> lots of flames. >> reporter: this fire scorched hundreds of acres and destroyed several homes. >> the fire is burning and still active on the north and northwest corner of the fire and we're trying to get air resources. >> reporter: tankers that were battling wildfires near boulder are flying in to drop retardant on the flames. >> we would be trying to find resources if it was not that other fire. normally this time of the year, it's the offseason and the resources are not here. >> reporter: 35 miles south of loveland, the scene is worse residents forced to flee their homes a week ago, getting the chance to see the damage. at least 166 homes have been destroyed and tens of thousands of acres charred and making it among the worst wildfires in colorado history. they're taxiing on colorado's coiffures so far and that cost to contain the blazes is nearly $7 million, a figure that is expected to jump significantly. >>> thanks f
one home near loveland and grew to about one square mile. in boulder residents were allowed to return to their burned out homes for the first time since one of the worst wildfires in the state's history spread there. there are now reports that blaze may have been started by a resident's fire pit. that means criminal charges in this case could soon be filed. >>> congressional lawmakers go back to work today. the main order of business, what to do about tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year, an issue sure to spark some heated debate. tammon bradley has a preview. >> reporter: as members of congress make their way back to washington, get ready for a war over taxes. when pressed on cbs news, house republican leader john boehner admitted he would support middle-class tax relief, even if wealthier americans are left out. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. >> reporter: but boehner's admission doesn't mean republicans will abandon the fight. they want tax relief for the nation's top income earners as well, a renewal of bush-er
to get out of their homes after a fire destroyed one home near loveland. the fire crews from the fire in boulder are being shifted to loveland. >>> police first got a qualify of a -- a call of a home invasion just after 10:00 and there was a break-in on field master drive. but now they say there was not a robbery. detectives don't think the attack was random either. >>> and we're learning about the couple shot and killed in ellicott city over the weekend. stout and van haven lived together and their kids were playing outside when the shootings happened. detectives think the deaths were related to a domestic assault. >>> officers believe that paul byron palmer left baltimore heading toward d.c. or west virginia on friday. he may be traveling with a woman in a 2008 silver kia spectra with tag number 1 ewb 10. the vehicle is using a donut spare tire in place of a missing tire. palmer should be considered dangerous. >>> gunfire at the adams morgan day festival. a d.c. police officer shot and killed a pit bull who police say attacked a poodle. this happened on 18th street yesterday afterno
foothills. the fast-moving fire near loveland has now destroyed at least one home and is now threatening others. it burned about 600 acres, forcing authorities to pull some resources from another fire. that fire in boulder is now about 90% contained. reports say the blaze in boulder may have been started by a fire pit. >>> a big and powerful hurricane is quickly gaining strength in the atlantic. hurricane igor is on the verge of becoming a category 5 storm with winds overnight topping 150 miles an hour. igor is forecast to brush by bermuda early saturday. it is not expected to make landfall. but it could bring rough surf to the east coast and tropical storm julia has now been forming behind igor. >>> and now here's your monday forecast. severe storms with 70-mile-an-hour winds and hail in omaha, kansas city, and wichita. scattered showers from new york city into albany, boston, and northern new england. pop-up thunderstorms from miami to orlando. and showers for east texas. >> 93 in dallas and 90 in new new york. 70s from detroit to the twin in fargo. boise will climb to 87. and sacramen
, the latest blaze near loveland 35 miles north of last week's fire in boulder. the loveland fire began yesterday and quickly grew. at least one home was destroyed and hundreds evacuated. the boulder fire destroyed 166 homes. that fire is still not fully contained but many are being aloud to return home now. >>> the muslim cleric leading the effort to build an islamic center near ground zero is speaking out today. feisal abdul rauf says there is growing islamaphobia in this country and moving the center is a bad idea. our national correspondent jim ax xel rod is in lower manhattan this morning with more on that story. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. one new poll has roughly 50% of new yorkers saying they don't want to see the proposed islamic cultural center just moved back from ground zero, they don't want to see it downtown at all. meanwhile the man behind the project is set to speak extensively about it this morning. in an interview with abc news yesterday, feisal abdul rauf said a decision changing the site of the controversial islamic cultural center is complica
boulder to loveland. crews say 100 homes may be threatened by wildfires burning outside loveland. two homes have gone up in flames. full containment expected today. fire destroyed 166 homes last week. >>> we are watching what's hot on line, ines ferre surfing the web. > 25 years of tv, oprahof kicks off her final season. she's got surprises, and i mean lots of surprises, and also fm awacom, who wore it best at last night's vma awards? >>> hundreds of people in san bruno today are wabing up surround bide the devastation. they were allowed toeturn to the san francisco suburb yesterday for the first time since friday's deadly gas line fire. ted rowlands joins us now from san bruno. i really want you to describe what people there are waking up to this monday morning but i know you have a guest with you. >> reporter: yeah, tony, we have christopher rt, vice chairman of the ntsb, lead agey into the investigation into this explosion which took place last week, and, obviously, you guys are focusing, mr. hart on this piece of pipe. we saw a chaunk of it, if you will, get o hauled out of hre th
loveland. that is about 35 miles north of the blaze that destroyed nearly 170 homes near boulder last week. the loveland fire quickly destroyed two homes. helicopters and air tankers that were fighting the boulder fire were shifted to battle the new threat. a spokesman for the larimer county sheriff's office said today's weather conditions will help. >> we need to control it today. and assuming that our weather holds like it is and we can get air resources up, i think we have enough resources to do that, dependent on weather. what we got last night is actually improved for our side. >> sreenivasan: the fire outside boulder was expected to be fully contained today. the communist government in cuba will lay off at least 500,000 state employees by mid-2011. today's announcement said the cuts will begin immediately. at the same time, the government will allow more cubans to work in private-sector jobs. currently, the state employs 95% of the official work force. cuban president raul castro has said the system promotes inefficiency and has to change. those are some of the day's major stories. n
evacuation has been ordered for loveland, colorado, to escape a wildfire that has burned more than 600 acre. our affiliate kmgh reports it has destroyed a home and several other structure. there has been no containment of the fire. loveland is about 30 miles outside of boulder. fire officials don't know ho w many homes are threatened, but they say there are at least 100 in the area. >>> homeland security secretary janet napolitano says the united states will never be completely immune to terror threats. nine years after 9/11 napolitano tells cnn the u.s. is safer now than it was then. but, she says, there's no 100% guarantee the country will not be attacked again. >>> a massive man hunt is under way near the u.s./mexico border. 85 inmates scaled the wall of a prison in reynosa mexico on friday. many of the escapees are believed to be drug cartel members or hit men. two guards are also missing. dozens o other guards are being questioned in the latest prison break -- in the largest prison break in mexico's > the fourth e season has now reached category 4 stat us. igor is in the atlantic and
one to the north. a brush fire west of loveland, already growing to nearly 700 acres and forcing mandatory evacuations in the area. officials have ordered a fire ban hoping to prevent the aggressive blaze from spreading. and obviously at this time, you know, this would be a good time for folks up in colorado to get some rain -- much-needed rain out there. but we're not absolutely sure they're going to get it at this point. but the man who does know is that man over there, rob marciano with the weather forecast. how is it looi in the west? i know you've got the tropics behind you. but rob, we're wondering about colorado. how are things looking? are they going to get rain? >> the rains they do get this time of year are a little bit dicey. particularly thunderstorms create more damage than good. but cooler weather, which is good news, and they'll always take that. that's certainly on thway. as a matter of fact, we're getting to time of year where that higher elevations will actually get some snow. also the time of year where the tropics are definitely getting more active. we're wat
. >>> colorado firefighters have another fast-moving wildfire. the blaze in loveland forced residents to flee their houses. the about 35 miles from boulder, colorado, where an aggressive all-star has burned 170 houses, and that one is 75% contained. >>> why fine is getting a government boost and old macdonald is getting a government takeover. >>> more powerful wi-fi could be here soon. the sec will vote later this month on rules that would "mr. broadband described as wi-fi on steroids. it will penetrate walls and never internet speeds as fast as a cable modem. the new wi-fi could begin showing up in gadgets' a year from now. researchers have made a breakthrough if developing artificial skin that can be used to create robots that are delicate enough to hold annette egg.ld an parents can't sing and read old macdonald with their children, listen to the song in five languages, and record their children singing. if kids are able to touch on the interactive illustrations. i am vinita nair. >>> steve rudin is telling us that the hurricane season will be peaking. >> exactly. igor is on the move with
in colorado. this time, it is in loveland, colorado. investigators think this one starred when someone burned a brushfire. the fire in boulder continues to burn. >>> coming up next on fox 5 morning news, the blizzards we saw this past winter are creating a new blizzard of activity at local hospitals. we'll explain coming up after the break. >>> we'll get the latest forecast from tony. cog up. julie has traffic coming up as well. ce dgo t >>> this will cool you down as we flash back seven months ago as we were all buried in snow. pa lurntly some folks were heating things up because a lot of you were doing some nogling. doctors say they are ready to deliver more babies than usual in the next few months. >> we've seen a tremendous surge as we get into the fall for the number of deliveries. laugh year, we did about 1350 deliveries and we are expecting we may get to 200 more deliveries this year. >> doctors we talked to say their patients readily admit they are having blizzard babies. >> probably kind of easy to target or know for sure. they can figure
crews fighting another wildfire near boulder are being diverted to the second fire in loveland. the boulder fire has already torched 160 homes and is almost fully contained this morning. >>> there was no holding back on the mtv video music awards last night. still ahead on on fox 5 morning news. >> the sophisticated cast of the jersey shore is here. no, no, no, no, no. don't applaud. they are at reason m tv doesn't play your videos. >> it was a huge night for lady gaga plus taylor swift and kanye west mend fences. we'll get a full recap for you. tucker? >> ooh, i can't wait. lots of sunshine in the forecast today. high temperatures back into the 80s. yes, remember madonna? i'll have all the details on the forecast and julie wright will be in with an explanation of why the cowboys lost coming up after the break.  >>> welcome back. it is now 4:45 on this monday morning. we take a live look over the capital this morning. not too bad out there for the temperatures. let's get a check in with our weather in just a moment with tucker barnes. first, we want to talk about a
burning in loveland. >>> and now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. wet weather in the pacific northwest. while the rest of the west coast, mild and seasonable. storms in the great plains and upper midwest. mild, dry and pleasant on the east coast. windy in denver. and hot in the south and southwest. >> it will be 105 in phoenix. 90s from dallas to new orleans. cool and 54 in fargo. 66 in minneapolis. mostly 70s along the east coast. >>> and when we come back this morning, an american's first morning of freedom in more than a year. now, there's some new concern for her friends, still being held in iran. >>> and how would you like to spend a six-hour flight in one of these very tight seats? the new economy class, coming up. rlooks mighty fine ♪ [ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just start ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪ ♪ stretch and yawn ♪ blow a kiss to mom ♪ cause pop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ ♪ so, rise and shiiiiine ♪ cause pop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ vo: it's amer
batch to develop later on today once it begins to wane. fire in loveland, 20% contained. just under a thousand acres and red flag warning for utah and eastern nevada today for the west coast viewers. 93 in dallas. 78 comfortably cool degrees in new york city. kyra, back over to you. >> thanks, rob. >> you bet. >>> strapped since mid-summer and now the effort to reach the miners takes a hit. ♪ o say can you see >>> all right. go ahead, stand. put your right hand over your heart and sing "the national anthem" would you? 196 years ago on this day 1814 francis scott key is credited with writing the lyrics to "the star-spangled banner" after witnessing the british bombardment of maryland's fort mchenry in the war of 1812 and originally a poem and set to a popular drinking tune at the time and american colonial verse of "american idol" that stands the test of time. >>> politicians love to rally votes promising to be tough on crime. meet a candidate who showed he is more than talk. william keating in a diner and a man snatched a purse outside the window and then this. >> right on main st
diverted to this fire in loveland. the boulder fire is almost fully contained this morning. >>> we'll check in with tucker barnes this morning. we had a lot of fog this morning. >> dense fog advisory this morning until 9:00 this morning. and we have the fog development out there with cool temperatures but it will burn off and be a beautiful day. i know it doesn't look like it now but 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and back into the 80s. out to the west, the fog advisory does include the city of washington or baltimore but out to the west from hagerstown down into virginia until 9:00 a.m. we have widespread reports of visibility a quarter mile or less in some spots. could be a slow go out to the west of town. let's take a look at the fashional scene and here in washington, comfortable start. 64 in the city. but 50s off to the west. and you can see most of the country seasonal for this time of year. all the way out to california, los angeles about 60 degrees. in dallas, where they are suffering a loss, 98. and in miami 78 degrees. looking at t
, gusty winds could pose a probl for the firefighters trying to put out a fire in loveland. it burned more than 700 acres of dry brush and trees and prompted seral evacuations. some families were allowed to check on their homes. they believe the fire was started over the weekend by two people burning leaves and tree branches at a home. >>> well, the eiffel tower is open once again this morning one day after it was evacuated because of a bo threat. the scare turned out to be a false alarm. but the threat comes in the wake of a bill currently making its way through the fench parliament. that would ban face covering islamic veils in public and angered al qaeda. no one claimed responsibility yet for t threat. >>> it is 5:20 now. taking a live look outside at the beautiful capitaldome. still dark out there, but a nice, crisp, refreshing morning. real fall like. >> it certainly is. lovely day so far. we'll find out from tom in just a moment what the forecast is goingto be like. but the skies are pretty clear. you can see a couple planets up there. >> jupiter in particular. >> our largest gas pla
you. and just in. a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for a loveland colorado neighborhood to escape a wildfire that has burned more than 600 aes. and our affiliate reports it destroyed a home and several other structures. there's been no containment of this fire. fire officials don't know how many homes are threatened. but they say there are at least 100 in the area. come weatherre allowed the ffirefighters to contain much o another massive wildfire near boulder, colorado. they hope to have it under control in the next few days. it's burned more than 6,400 res destroyed 170 homes. after a false start, iran feis offering to release one of three american hikers. but it comes at a cost. sarah shourd's lawyers say she could go free as early as tonight. but iran wants half a million dollars in bail money first. iranian officials have flip-flopped on this decision in the past few susan candiotti following all the developments for us. what's the very latest? >> hi, don. tonight the families, as they have been for the lainst 13 months, are leaning on each other for support
in colorado, a wildfire near loveland burned hundreds of acres and at least one home on sunday. it's about 35 miles from boulder. the scene of that even bigger fire last week that destroyed more than 160 homes. >>> the lundberg survey says gas prices are holding just about steady dropping just a bit in the past three weeks down about a penny a gallon. the average price is now $2.69 for regular. >>> and the horror film "resident evil afterlife 3d" took over at the box office taking in over $27 million. "takers" was second and "the american" with george clooney was third. >>> let's go back outside to carl, natalie and al. >> want to get a check of the weather from al. >> okie dokie, thank you so much. a nice looking group here. where ruff guys from? >> texas. >> texas, all right. a lot of texans here. let's check your weather, see what's happening. we'll show you hurricane igor or igor depending whether you watched "young frankenstein" or not. category 4, probably becoming a category 5 later. by saturday taking dead aim toward bermuda. we've also got tropical storm julia, 85 miles west shn sout
their homes near loveland, colorado. the fire is centered between the pine wood and flatiron reservoirs. it's not clear how many homes are in danger but fire officials say they knowes about 100 structures are in the area and one has been damaged. no word on a cause. >>> another hurricane in the atlantic ocean and it's growing stronger as we speak. let's turn to meteorogist jacqui jeras. she joins frus our hurricane headquarters to talk about igor. not very big but strong and how far away? >> crazy strong, n. we're talking at least a week away before the u.s. needs to get worried about this just yet. it's importa tnt that you know it's out there because it is extrely intense and this thing has st been ramping up all day long. igor just became ala hurricane late last nighert, 11:00 easter time, and now it's a category 4. so, you know, less tan 24 hours this thing has s a major hurricane with winds of 140 miles per hour. look at that satellite imagery. you can see just how symmetrical that storm is, how big that eye is. it's like 20 nautical miles around, so this storm is really almost as stro
this morning near loveland. it has destroyed at least one home and forced hundreds of people to evacuate. fire crews had to be diverted to that fire from the other wildfire that is burning 35 miles away near boulder. the fire there has destroyed more than 160 homes. >>> we haven't been able to say this in a while but the are skins are undefeated. the burgundy and gold beat the cowboys last night in the season opener 13-7. big play came when deangelo hall was able to pick up the full bell and take it back for a touchdown. dallas did have a chance to win it at the end but a holding penalty wiped out this potential touchdown on the final play of the game. >> it was a nice team win. as i told our players, i said sometimes the offense is going to play good. other times the defense and special teams. but you got to find a way to win. >> i had some big plays in my career but i don't think i ever that h. that big play in the redskins uniform so it felt real good. >> the redskins face off against the houston texans next sunday at next fedex field. they are coming off a big win over the colts yesterday.
. tonight, firefighters are working to control the blaze that destroyed at least two homes near loveland. crews are hoping to add the 10-square mile in boulder, that's been burning a week, destroyed at least 166 homes. >> taking a look at some of the stories in tomorrow's chicago tribune. homeowners struggling to finance, find out about the loophole about unscrupulous lawyers taking advantage of their clients. >> thousands of homeowners are needing to redo their mortgage are being turned away, despite good credit. >>> public schools offer bilingual education to n3 and 4-year-olds who don't speak english. experts say it can catch them up before kindergarten, but can schools afford it. >>> next, the first lady goes to the restaurant owners to take on nutrition. >>> youth, sports and head injuries, which extra curricular is the most dangerous? >> the first lady is asking restaurants to help fight childhood obesity. urging restaurateurs to come up with healthier menu choices, like whole wheat pasta and less butter and cream in recipes. nothing drastic. >> could mean serving skim milk or make
in the state. this one burning in loveland. this latest wildfire is 10% contained. it has burned more than ten acres of land and destroyed one home. >>> mexican authorities have made the second arrest ofa drug cartel leader in as many months, capturing the top lieutenant. he did not resist capture sunday. more th >>> well, you just heard robe gibbs talking about him, the man poised to become speaker if repuicans win control of the house. john boehner. the white house has made a calculated decision to go after john main boehner, trying to mam the new face of republican policy. luke russert went to his hometown and is live for us in new york city. >> chuck, a lot has been made about his expensive suits and love of golf and ties to lob lobbyis lobbyists. his first foray into politics was family politics, internal ones, that be, growing up one of 12 kids in the town of redding, ohio. >> hidden from the people -- >> john boehner has risen to polical and orator cal heights on capitol hill,ut that trip began on another hill. hill street in redding, ohio. and at the top is the house he shared with 11
wildfire, which began sunday in nearby loveland, is 20% contained at this hour. it's burned nearly 1,000 acres, destroying at least two homes there. i'm ainsley earhardt, now back to "on the record." >> greta: on the record is live in pensacola, florida. tomorrow 20 state attorneys general scare off with the feds over health care. far north in pennsylvania hazelton has its own battle with the feds over illegal immigration. did you hear what is going on there? last week a federal court to punish businesses and landlords who hire or rent to illegal immigrants. the mayor says the fight with the feds is not over. the mayor joins us live. good evening, sir. >> good evening greta. >> greta: mayor, what is this ordinance that has been struck down? what is it and why did you advance it or push it or support it? >> well, the ordinance we passed was the first in the country. an ordinance that pushed businesses that knowingly hired illegal aliens. and punished landlords that knowingly rented to illegal aliens by suspending their business license. >> greta: why did you feel it necessary to do th
evacuations. a bush fire has broken out in loveland, that's north of boulder, where firefighters have been working to contain a massive blaze for almost a week. we're getng word that 100 homes in that vicinity are being evacuated. and in boulder, calm weather has allowed firefighters to contain much of the massive wildfire which began last monday. the fire engulfed 6400 acres and destroyed nearly 170 homes. honce dry weather and light winds are expected, authorities hope to fully contain the blaze in the next couplef days. meantime, there's growing concern in the atlantic because of that, what appears to be quite the monster. hurricane igor, now ahu major hurricane. jacqui jeras is in the weather center tracking it for us. what's it doing? how big? >> it's been intensifying big-time today. it went through a rapid intensification cycle. we were looking at ath category hurricane this morning. now we're looking at a category 4. take a look at this monster. i think that's a great word, fredricka. monster of a storm. very well-defined eye. vermeymmetricasymmetrical. good outflow, light nds, all
near the glove land -- loveland, eas destroyed several houses. another fire near boulder is 75% contained. weekendie's ruled the box office. and the house minority leader talks tax cuts. rob nelson has those stories and more from abc. >> we begin with a possible compromise on the bush era tax cuts. house minority leader john boehner said that he would vote for president obama's plan to extend tax cuts for everyone except the wealthy if if that is the only available option. the world's major central banks have agreed to new lows to rein in financial companies in hopes of avoiding another major crisis. the biggest change require banks to increase the amount of capital they hold. the rules must be ratified by the g-20 nations before taking effect. harley-davidson workers vote on a contract today that with respect and cut jobs. the company has threatened to move its allies two factories out of wisconsin if they don't accept it. resident evil afterlife won the weekend box office with $28 million in ticket sales. it was the lowest-grossing weekend of the year. that is your "money sco
megared today. >>> ne loveland, colorado, officials ordered an evacuation. officials think at least 100 homes are threatened. soar they know one house has been completely destroyed. about 100 firefighters, nine air tankers and four helicopter tankers are trying to get the fire under control. 11 people in texas, including eight children are hospitalized after tboats collided today on lewisville lake north of dallas. a 10-year-old boy was seriously injuried. a spokesman says both boats had been rented by the same group and one vessel apparently t-boned the other. one of mexico's most wanted men is in custody. marines in central mexico napped alleged drug lord sergio villarreal or el rand he's known. his capture comes justr weeks after therrest of a fellow cartel member a rival. meanwhil dozens of drug cartel members and hitmen are on the loose after breaking out of a prison near the bou.s.-mexican border. authorities say the 85 inmates scaled the walls of the prison in mexico on friday. a massive manhunt is under way right now. two guards are alsomissing. dozens of over guards are being
that a many as 100 homes could be threatened in loveland. one structure has already been damaged. and then just south of boulder, firefighters there hoping to have a destructive wildfire under control in the next few days. the four-mile canyon fire ripped through several subdivisions, at least 160 homes have been destroyed. the fire started on monday. and evacuees still have not been allowed back in that area. >>> and then there' a big concern out in the atlantic, jacqui jeras is here to give us an idea of how nervouswe ought to be about igor. >> a little bit. you know, any time you see a major hurricane out over open water, you're going to be concerned. and this is a strong one that intensified rapidly today. igor, it's been a hurricane for a while. now it's a major hush, we're talking category 4 status. stronger winds with the latest update that came in at the top of the hour. now it's 140-mile-per-hour winds, moving westward, you can see how symmetrical thetorm is, how big and well-defined the eye ltiis. 20 nautical miles across. it's heading towards the leeward and windward i
. the latest burning near loveland north of denver. the 900 acre fire forced hundreds of people to evacuate. at last check it was 20% contained. to the south, crews say they're finally getting close to getting under control. another wildfire. this one broke out on labor day near bolder. the flames destroyed 150 homes and other buildings according to authorities. officials say in both cases it appears household fires spark the flames. the united states military is getting ready for what could become the biggest arms deal in the history of this nation to involve dozens of fighter jets and helicopters and may be worth $60 billion. but one of america's closest allies seems to have some misgivings about the deal. that story is next. plus, 20 states are now trying to get the healthcare overhaul thrown out before most of it goes into effect. so what are their chances? we'll hear from the judge andrew napolitano has to say about the big lawsuit. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy
over 100 structures. crews in loveland, colorado are still starting a fire that started sunday. it's 25% contained. hurricane igor is a category 4 storm, tracking west but expected to steer clear of the eastern seaboard. meteorologists are monitoring the storm. hurricane julia is also expected to stay's of the atlantic coast. >>> and pop star george michael sentenced to eight weeks in jail. he pled guilty to driving under the influence and drug possession charges stemming from a july 4th car accident. >>> and three states are reporting superbug cases, that's a new gene with a bacteria resistant to nearly all antibiotics. all of the patients with cases of this drug resistant bug had recently received medical care in india. >>> and this hour at a school in philadelphia, the president delivered a back to school pep talk to students and urged them to stay focused in the classroom even if they are taking on more responsibilities outside of it. >> a lot of you as a consequence, because we are going through a tough time as a country are having act a lot older than you are. you have to be stron
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